Where has the time gone?

I realized this week that I haven’t posted anything in almost 6 months.  I truly meant to post earlier than this, but life has been busy.  There have been several ups and downs, but that’s typical in most families. So, what has been going on?  I’ll try to keep it shorter since there’s a lot to go through…not everything will be written about, at least at this time.

Ok…so back in May we came upon the 1 year anniversary of J getting diagnosed with NF1. We also have been watching as more and more fibromas are popping up under his skin.  As of late, I’ve even noticed more cafe au lait spots showing up.  I don’t understand why this happens, but it’s NF.  It’s apart of it. It stinks to watch it happen, but at least at this point it’s not affecting him.

The end of the public school year and this summer we have been blessed to have been able to receive physical therapy and occupational therapy through Shriner’s.  The two ladies who worked with J were wonderful and we are back on the wait list for occupational therapy.  The way how that works is since Shriner’s doesn’t ask for payment, there are a set maximum number of sessions that can be done in a set.  So for physical therapy, J had 6 sessions with Ms. N.  Since it is summer, and in theory we can be outside more, (not here in Illinois because of our crazy rainy summer until recently),  his sessions didn’t get extended.  With occupational therapy, Ms. K did 12 sessions with him and gave us a list of things to work on with him to strengthen J’s shoulders and things. When our turn comes back around again, we will be making the trek weekly again for sessions with Ms. K.  I actually just got the call from the scheduling department yesterday for being about to have speech therapy happen for J starting in just about 2 1/2 weeks. I’m excited for this since J has gone all summer with no speech therapy and from what I can tell, Mrs. N from last year isn’t working with the school district again for therapy.

Something super exciting, and not NF related, but still pretty amazing, our church does a VBS (vacation bible school) every year and this year was J’s year to do something fantastic.  If you aren’t a follower of Jesus, it won’t matter to you, but if you are, well, J decided that he wants a personal relationship with God and he asked Jesus to be his personal Savior and forever friend. We are so thrilled and blessed to know that he came to this decision and that he meant everything he prayed with my husband.

In a quick nutshell, that brings us to this week.  We had a visit with Dr. A down at Shriner’s yesterday.  We are making progress which is fun. J will be moving away from the SMO braces he has had this last year and will be getting something different…something less obvious that he’s got supports of any kind in his shoes. I honestly can’t remember the name of them…but it’s something with a much lower profile. I don’t know if kids at church have pointed any of it out to him, but if they have, it’ll be a moot point soon. 😀 Something that we will be looking into doing in the nearer future is to have J tested for Autism.  One of the research things I read this last six months said that 25% of all people with NF are also on the Autism Spectrum. While J is high functioning, there are things that he does and doesn’t do that have us suspecting that he is on the spectrum.

Next week we finally have a check up with Dr. D to see how he feels J is doing and what his thoughts are about doing the testing for an ASD diagnosis. I’ve felt for a long time now that J is apart of the spectrum, but have let others (teachers at our church who have seen kids with autism) tell me that they don’t think he is.  There are things, like the fact that even at 7 he will still chew on things (fingers, zippers, etc) is a huge flag for me.  He also has a difficult time establishing and maintaining eye contact (something his almost 5-year-old brother and almost 3-year-old sister have no issue doing). There are others, but I am attempting to not have this be a novel today.

We continue home schooling this year, and this year all three of my kids will be home doing school.  I’m excited and loving watching and learning how they learn best. It’ll be great to get going in full swing soon.  This mama just needs to get the organizing bug and get everything figured out! So much going on!

Until next time…and I promise it won’t be 6 months from now!


February Update

So, How have things been going?  It’s been a while since you’ve updated…yes friends, I know.  Life has been a little crazy, kind of like usual.

So, we left off with a recap of what the year was like from the time J was diagnosed.  Well, we’re still working on school.  We’ve pretty much been focusing on handwriting, language, letters and sounds (phonics…bleh), math, bible memory and speech (with Mrs. N). At this point, science and history have pretty much gone by the wayside, but that’s alright.  We’re in our first year and seeing as learning how to read and write well are really important to me, we’re running with it. J loves school. He loves it so much that it’s not uncommon for him to ask to work on homework on a Sunday afternoon after church.  I am seriously blessed.

Where are we with therapy stuff…we are doing speech through the school district with Mrs. N. She’s awesome.  I’m so grateful for her. I’m grateful that on Thursday mornings that I can drop J off at the school and come back home to do things like, make and eat breakfast or even get a quick shower before we need to be back to get J. C and A are doing pretty well with things. As for physical therapy and occupational therapy, well, we still aren’t doing anything again.  I’m going to be sending an email off to the senior physical therapist at Shriner’s and see if we can start getting at least PT there.  I would love to be able to do both there, but I will  be thrilled if we can get one. We have a followup with Dr. A at the end of March.

What will having therapy there mean…well, traveling a little bit to get there. Honestly, I’m ok with that.  Starting in the fall we will be doing home school for each of the kids. It’ll also mean that traveling to Shriner’s won’t be a problem.  There won’t be a need to pull C from school so we can go and not have issue trying to get him back to school, or picking him up.  It’ll also give us the ability to have change in environment. It’ll be fun, because while J is in doing his therapy, I can be doing things with C and A downstairs.

What are things you can be praying for us? Well, that the desire for doing good school work would continue.  That J would take his time when he is writing and for me to have patience with him when he doesn’t.  Also for J to grow stronger.  One of the side effects (of sorts) of NF is low muscle tone.  Pray I can find new opportunities for J to be able to add strength and build new muscles and things not be expensive. Also be praying that we are able to fund the KinderyCarry Preschool Plus Size carrier we need for him. J really enjoys going up on my back, especially at church.  His birthday is coming up next month, and I’m really really hoping to be able to have enough birthday money given to him so that we can get this for him.  We’ve asked friends who normally give him gifts to consider giving money towards this carrier. I’m asking only for prayer for this to be accomplished.  If anyone feels the desire to help us reach this goal, I have a paypal account that funds can be sent to as that is how I will be paying for it.

So, well, there you go friends, an update on how things are going here.  Overall, not too bad.

7 months later

It’s kind of crazy to think that we are now 7 months post diagnosis. Where has the time gone? So, what has gone on here with us the last month or so, not much. Probably the most exciting thing is that I got official word, with two other doctors looking at J’s MRI scan and there are definitely no tumors in his brain, brain stem or spine. The spots we were worried about are just spots of demyelination , or spots that are under developed. The good thing is that they will continue to develop and hopefully the things he is still behind on will be able to be caught up. This also means at unless something major changes, J won’t need a repeat MRI for a couple of years.

Honestly, this is such a relief for to me. Knowing that there are no optic gliomas (tumors on the optic nerves), no tumors that would affect his motor function or his cognitive development, is honestly such a huge sigh of relief. God is good. Prayers for J that have been coming through have been really helpful. I’m blessed that things are not as bad as they could be.

Things coming in the future, calling down to St. Jude and back to focusing on homeschool. Keep praying for now. One thing I’ve seen with this disorder is that things can shift at any point and without notice. The goal for the next year is to only have good report and health for J. In a few short months we will have the Great Steps for NF walk in Naperville again. Fundraising will begin in a little while for that . My friend, E and I are teaming up again this year and I’m so excited. It’ll be great to see what our team can raise for NF research.

Until next time…

Whirl Wind Day, part 2

So, after breakfast, my mom wasn’t quite ready to go back to the waiting room. Honestly, neither was I. At that point, I was torn, stay away from it all for as long as possible, or go and be as close as I could be to my son.  We visited the gift shop briefly and she got him a fun little gift.  After that, it was back to the waiting room. I wanted to have time speed up. I was so concerned that something would go wrong. I felt like I was starting to drive myself nuts. I am so grateful for having brought my knitting along.  It’s funny, some people don’t get that making things by hand is what keeps other sane.  Well, knitting is my sanity. I am SO grateful that while it hasn’t yet been a full year since I first picked it up, that I’m actually pretty decent at doing simple things. I’m so grateful for my friend who took the time to teach me the basics of getting started and sent me on my way.

Needless to say, while sitting there, I was able to finish one part of a project and be able to start on the next part.  I even had perfect strangers comment on how confusing it looked, and how impressed they were that I was doing it.  I guess it’s not every day that you see a 30 something knitting, much less knitting in a hospital waiting room. As I look back on the day, I know that it is because of my knitting that I was able to keep from pacing the hall. Another thing that happened while we were sitting and waiting was a fire alarm drill. When the fire alarm started flashing it’s strobe and the door closed, I was sent into a panic again.  What on earth was happening,and WHY was it happening while my son was under sedation?!?!  Fortunately, it was just a fire drill for the hospital and was over 10 minutes after it began.  Shoot…I was so frazzled from that. I was almost in tears over the thought of having to leave the hospital and what it would mean for the MRI. Thank goodness it was just a test.

Just over 3 hours go by and we finally get word that it’s time to go to recovery. I was so relieved.  It was done, the scan was complete!  I think that the anesthesiologist  was surprised that they were able to complete the scan.  She didn’t seem to care too much about me saying that I had been praying and had people praying for J all morning, but I can only hope that when I told her again that people had been praying for everything to go smoothly that she saw that it was a little miracle that happened today.  Other than J metabolizing the sedative quickly, several times over (yep…my child!) and her having to give him a more powerful sedative and her having to place a second IV because the first one was acting up, everything went off without a hitch. Praise Jesus.

As we were walking, the MRI nurse was wheeling him right behind us. Seeing my sweet little boy lying there on a gurney, motionless took my breath away. It took everything inside of me to not break down.  Every single part of me wanted to just pick him up and hold him.  Every part of me wanted to curl up next to him and stroke his head and hold his hand until he woke up.  I didn’t curl up in the bed with him, but I did sit, very closely next to him and did everything I could to not lose it. I feel like everyone in the recovery area knew that J was the little boy who had spiked a random fever before coming in. Every single one of them was surprised that he had come though with ZERO complications other than the ones I talked about just a moment ago. God was totally in the details today. Every step of the way God was with J. I am so grateful that I have Jesus on my side.

An hour went by and J was still solidly knocked out.  I started to get a little worried.  I was kind of panicked again.  I only went to the “what if he doesn’t wake up” place once. When I got to that place, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit that J was in God’s hands and that God would see him through this. I was so relieved to see him start to stir about 15 minutes later. Another 45 minutes went by, and he slowly but surely woke up more and more. He was able to drink the apple juice he needed to in order to leave. He took the Tylenol that the anesthesiologist ordered for him with no issues and just before we left, his fever was down to 100.2. With the Tylenol in his system a little bit later, he was doing better.

Once we got the clearance to head home and I had the CDs of the scan, I went to get the car after getting J dressed and my mom walked out with transport and J.  It was such a blessing that I got to bring my baby home today. It was so great that he had a little bit of an appetite and wanted a hot dog with no bun for lunch….and he wanted it from the hot dog place. My mom (who was really amazing all day long), bought us lunch from Portillos and J ate his hot dog.  We got my mom home and then off to get Dr. D his copy of the scan.

It took a little while to be able to see Dr. D, but God was again, in the details.  Dr. D had a cancellation happen  that allowed us to be the last people that he saw today.  I am so incredible grateful for Dr. D.  Not only were we able to see him, he was able to call over to the hospital and get the base report of the scan. I know I’ve said that God has been in the details all day, and this was no exception. From the little bit that Dr. D was able to see, everything, SO FAR, looks to be alright.

I feel like I’ve had a weight lifted off my shoulders for right now.  Granted, it’s not conclusive yet, so I am cautiously cheering that he is alright. I do know there are a couple of spots on J’s brain that he is going to collaborate with the doctor who read the scan to see what else he can find out.  God is so good to have blessed us with a doctor who is proactive, and while he isn’t an NF specialist, he is so interested in learning more about NF and how he (Dr. D) can be a better neurologist. I will update more once I have a conclusive report, but for now, I am cautiously optimistic that J is fine for now.

So, here I am now, 12 hours after the scan began, and 16 hours after I woke up this morning looking at this day and feeling like it’s literally been a whirl wind.  I have been all over the place today,but the one place I have spent the most time, has been in prayer.  Today, God heard and answered my prayers for my son. He answered the prayers of those interceding in prayer for J. I can not tell you how much that means to me. God was in the details today and He alone made this day go off without any kind of serious bump in the road.

Until next time…

Whirl Wind Day, part 1

You know how I was talking about how fast time has gone?  Well, today was definitely one of those days.  At least as I look back upon it. While I was in the midst of today, it didn’t feel like it was.

This morning started at 5 am. I am not typically friends with 5 am. Actually, the thought of seeing 5 am most of the time really is not something I like to think about. So, as my alarm went off, I thought, how on earth could it be 5 am already?  I know that I didn’t sleep all the greatest, but man, that went fast. I started my morning routine, reading my bible and updating twitter. I then got up and made myself some breakfast and enjoyed it. Quickly after that was time to get a shower and get dressed. Sadly, I barely made it out of the shower before J woke up.  He woke up hysterical and bawling. Immediately red flags went up. Before I could go get dressed, I knew that J needed some loving from mom in order to calm him down enough for my mom to help get him dressed. True to mom fashion, I made it into a game…who could get dressed fastest. Well, I lost, but that was intentional.  When I came out, he was still a basket case.  This poor little guy of mine was miserable. I chalked it up to him not having slept well last night because he was worried about the test.

So, away we went at 6 am for the hospital. Driving went off without a hitch, which was a blessing since, I am no where near a morning person. I was even able to find where we needed to go without much trouble.  One nice advantage of arriving at any hospital at 6:30 am is that it’s pretty easy to find a parking spot.  I’m so so happy for that.  I get J on my back and away we go inside to get checked in and get the process going. We get taken back to our little alcove of a room and I start to get J ready.  The one nurse takes his temperature and panic hits me. His temp was 102.2. Gasp!  WHAT! He has a fever?!?! What does this mean?  Do we have to reschedule when we don’t have time to reschedule since the end of the year is coming up so fast?  I’m fear stricken and start to have a mild panic attack. Then, we wait FoReVeR for the anesthesiologist to come and talk with me. When she arrived, she was concerned, very concerned about him having a fever. I explained to her that there wasn’t time to reschedule this appointment.  He needed to have the scan today.  As it is, it took a month to get this appointment.  I told her I was willing to take the higher risk of something happening while he was under.  This wasn’t the first time he had been under anesthesia, which was a big saving grace.  The fact that he had no prior issues with anesthesia was also  hugely in my favor. She went and talked with some people, then came back to talk with me again. She ordered the relaxing medicine that J would need in order to have the process started and away we went after she made it very very clear that if ANYTHING went slightly wrong while putting him under, that she would call it off.

About 10 minutes later, we were walking back to MRI and the waiting room.  I had been praying all morning consistently at this point.  I had been asking others for prayer as well because I knew that it would only be God who could work the miracle that we needed at this point. So, we get to where we have to leave and I’m panic stricken again.  I know how J is when it comes to getting an IV or having his blood drawn, he needs mom. Well, I couldn’t be there for him, which made things really tough on both of us.  One of the MRI techs talked with my mom and I and she said that things were going to be alright and that if the anesthesiologist was really overly concerned, we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did in the process. Basically I took that as if I got a call within the first 10 minutes or so,then we were up a creek. Prayers continued.  My mom and I went to the cafeteria to get her breakfast and to get me second breakfast.  It was so nice to see that they actually had things I could eat!  Score!  I was so hungry at this point again that it was so nice. Thank you egg whites and turkey sausage and cheese and mushrooms, you sustained me for more hours that I thought was possible, again a God sighting for me today. 20 minutes or so went by and there was not a peep. I think this was my first breath of fresh air all morning. God was working the miracle we needed. And it was only 9 am…

To be continued…

First MRI tomorrow…

It’s amazing to think how fast the time has flown.  It’s crazy to think that 12 hours from this precise moment of me typing, J will be in the process of his first MRI.  It’s crazy to me that the time has come already.  It’s crazy to me that we are almost to Thanksgiving too.  Where on earth has the time gone?  Why has it moved so quickly.  It feels like just yesterday was when we got J’s SMOs.

I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of nervous about tomorrow morning. I know that J has been under sedation before, but that doesn’t help the fact that he’s having his scan with and without contrast. He’s never had anything like this happen. I know that this is something that we will be facing again in the future, but it doesn’t make this any less scary for me. Part of me is really freaking out.  Like, I just want to climb up in his bunk bed with him and hold him for a little bit kind of freaking out.  On the other hand, I know that all will be well. I know that God has my precious little J and that whatever happens tomorrow, whatever the MRI reveals (or doesn’t reveal) that J is exactly where he is supposed to be.

I feel for J.  Any time I bring up what’s going to happen tomorrow morning, he gets scared and wants to cuddle up in a ball.  He starts to freak out a little bit. Just the thought of having an IV freaks him out. He’s had one before, and it hurt.  That’s all he remembers, is that it hurt.  For anyone who has a kiddo with sensory issues, this is huge.  The pain memory of something is enough to make them practically become crippled. My heart is so wishing that I could be the one to take the pain for him, but I know that this time, that is not possible.

My NF buddies and parents will understand this next little bit, especially if they have had a scan come back not good.  We are praying so hard that nothing will come back as bad.  We are praying the scan is clean and that all is well with my sweet boy.  I’m praying so much that God will protect him from what very well could happen.  I’m praying that the fact that we’ve had him on a gluten free diet the last month and half or so would be helpful in having slowed the growth rate of the fibromas. I’m praying that every step of the MRI tomorrow from the drive to the hospital 20 minutes away to the IV placement to the sedation to the scan to the injecting of the contrast to J coming out would all be well.  I’m praying that J will handle the unfamiliarity of it all well. I’m praying that I have been able to prepare him enough.  Heck, I’m even praying that they will willingly give me two copies of the scan so I can take it over to Dr. D’s office tomorrow afternoon.

I’m trying to be strong and show that J can do this, and that he can do this well. I’m trying to have the continual faith that J is going to fine. Will you pray with me?

Hello Friends…

It’s amazing how fast time goes. I feel like there is a lot to update you on.

First things first.  We now have a date and time for J’s MRI.  We get to be to the hospital at 6:30 in the morning on November 25th for check in.  His MRI is scheduled to start at 8 am and last about 3 hours.  For anyone who hasn’t an idea why that long, they are doing a survey of the brain, brain stem and spinal cord with and without contrast. J will sedated the entire time, which is really good. I don’t know any 6 year old that could lay still for that long, and especially not mine.  He can barely sit still for more than 5 minutes. I’m kind of concerned, but it’s not because of the sedation. J has been sedated twice before, this is nothing new.  It’s more so the unknown.  It’s the not knowing what we could see or not see (what we’re hoping for) that has me worried a touch. It’s a fleeting worry though.  Not something that is going to stay with me. I know that God has J and isn’t going to let him go. I know that all of this is needed to know how things are going with him.  I need piece of mind to know that my son is or isn’t ok. I can only trust that all is well for now, and if it isn’t, I know that God will provide a way for it to be alright. The hospital we have chosen to go with has a Women and Children’s hospital apart of their main hospital, so that helps me feel more confident in the choice we’ve made. Their anesthesiologists are trained more specifically for putting kids under and monitoring them. I’m not sure if either of the hospitals that are closest by us would be as good. Our choice is definitely right.

Also, a couple of Saturdays ago now, I was able to go to the NF Midwest Symposium. There is a lot that I’ve learned, but what I think is more important is that I was able to connect with other parents who are going through the same thing.  I was able to meet Dr. L from Lurie’s and am impressed for sure.  I think that we are going to make the switch after we finally get the genetic testing done that we would like to have done.  We have another option though, we might be able to get in with St. Jude’s in Tennessee. We are praying about this change for sure.  It would be great to be able to see my sister in law more often than what we do. It would also be able to feel like my concerns aren’t totally invalid and worthless. It was great to be able to connect with people who care and have a LOT of knowledge at the symposium (both clinical and through personal experience). I’m grateful to have seen some of the research that’s been done on things like plexiforms and the clinical trials for them. I’m grateful that at this point we don’t think we have to worry about that for J. We will know more after the MRI. Obviously, the prayer is that we don’t have to worry about those.

Plexiforms are a larger tumor related to NF.  They are typically deforming and cause a lot of issues for those that have them.  There’s only one or two places that kind of concern me that might be places where they could be growing on J.  It’s unlikely, but a small part of things that should be able be seen on the MRI. While I don’t personally know anyone with them, I have several friend’s on FB who’s children or themselves have them. As a parent, I don’t think anything scares me more than the thought of a child having a plexiform. I’m hoping and praying that J isn’t one who has them.

I guess, I’m just kind of afraid of the unknown with this disorder.  I know I’m not alone with this.  NF is so unpredictable and already I’ve seen issues with teaching J for school.  Some days he does great and we have no issues. Other days he completely forgets the rules and seems like he is struggling with dyslexia. I know it’s totally apart of NF, but it is still no less disheartening. I love seeing the progress he’s making, the fact that we are literally about 40 physical pages away from him being done with the K5 Letters and Sounds book. We are going to be able to move on to the 1st grade book soon, which is so so awesome.  J is such a smart little guy. I really and truly am blessed with it. I love his passion for school and that even last night he grabbed his language book and was working on things without being prompted to do so. 😀

I’m so blessed to have this as an outlet.  I can’t even tell you how nice it is to be able to get my concerns and fears written down and to be able to, while I do it, consistently be giving J over to God.

Small victory

There’s no news yet about the regaining services for J.  We are in limbo and it’s frustrating.  I am really grateful though for people who have stepped up and helped where they can. It’s really encouraging to see that and to feel love from people.  You know who you are.  Thank you.  We are also grateful that there have been even more people praying for us.  Thank you again.  We need it every day.

So, now onto the small victory.  Things are beginning to fall into place for us to finally get J the MRI that Dr. D would like to get for him, as well as me.  It’s huge that Dr. C (primary care doctor) is on board with it. For anyone not familiar with NF, it’s kind of controversial regarding getting an MRI at this stage. You see, J isn’t really symptomatic for the need necessarily, but there could very well be tumors growing where they shouldn’t be without us knowing, especially with how quickly he has been growing them just under his skin. Tumors is the easy word for what they really are.  They are called fibromas. They are benign little tumors that grow on the nerve endings. J has, what I guess at this point, to be about 15 of these little fibromas.

Dr. T isn’t a huge fan of doing the MRI, but for my peace of mind, we need to do this.  That, and shoot, we’ve hit our deductible for the year, so let’s do this while we can. This mama needs to know.  I need to know how things are shaping in his brain and how things are going for him. I want to get a baseline of how his brain is doing so that we can keep an eye on him. The advantage of things is that if his scans come back totally clean, we then will be able to monitor changes in him for the future. This is a good thing for sure.

Now to just get things over to the hospital we are going through for the MRI tomorrow and be able to get things scheduled soon. I can only hope that it’ll be soon. I don’t want to wait too much longer for this. I really don’t. I know that God’s got him, but to have an idea of how things are shaping up will just be a bonus. Well, that’s about it for now.


I just want to scream…ok, let’s be honest…I already have.  I am so so frustrated right now with how things work.  I just got off the phone with the director of billing at Easter Seals.  J’s services are being put on hold, effective immediately…or at least, that’s my guess.  Our bill has gotten too high (it’s just over $3000) and they are putting a halt to our services. I am trying so hard to get things paid with them, but nothing seems to be working.  I just keep failing.  I have tried doing a Tupperware Fundraiser for him, since I am a Tupperware Lady, and that has fallen flat. I have a few orders and a few direct donations, but it’s not enough.

J needs these services. I feel like a total and complete failure.  He LOVES going and was making some amazing strides, but now, that’s all over.  None of it seems to matter anymore. It doesn’t matter to Easter Seals that there was a royal screw up on their end that caused me to not get a bill from them for the first 3 months.  It definitely doesn’t matter to them that our deductible ($7000 this year) has finally been hit and each service would only be about $20 each session.  None of that matters.  Trying to explain this to J, a 6 year old, is heartbreaking. He deserves to get these services. He NEEDS these.  He needs to get stronger and learn how to speak more clearly and to learn things from professionals that know what they are doing rather than just from his mom who is trying her best to teach him at home during our home school times.

I am so totally broken right now.  Tears are constantly streaming down my face and I feel betrayed. I feel like I have hit a new low that I didn’t know we could hit.  I thought we were already at the lowest point possible…I guess now.  I know that God has a purpose for all of this, and has a plan. I know that He alone is in control. I just wish that I could see how this is all going to work together for good.  Right now I just feel like J is being punished because we are poor and because of a severe error on their end.

Quick Update…

Hey there friends…I know it’s been a while. lol…as you can imagine, life is really crazy right now.  School is underway and I’m homeschooling J this year.  It’s been really awesome for the most part.  I seriously love it. J loves it.  It’s awesome. J is also really busy with his therapies at Easter Seals, which is great.  We do need prayer that we can keep him going though.

There was a billing error on their end and I never got a statement that we had a bill.  Crazy!  They thought I was nuts to think that we didn’t owe anything…I was hoping…but I knew we did, but without a statement to say we owe, how can I pay?  So, anyway, I’m currently doing a fundraiser through Tupperware to help get his bill down so we can keep his services. If you wish to support it, please feel free to go here: http://order.tupperware.com/coe/app/home It’ll say welcome to James Gabhart’s fundraiser…but that’s only because Tupperware is going to be making the check out to my husband. I’m hoping to close it tonight, so it’ll have to be a quick turn around for you if you’re wanting to support that way.  If you want to donate directly to his bill, let me know and I’ll get you the information for payment to be sent.

C is doing well with preschool…he actually loves it.  He gets to ride the bus everyday.  A has fun standing at the door each day and says “Bye Bubba!”. So cute.  I’m really blessed.

We are getting closer to being able to get the MRI done for J.  Our local neuro, Dr. D has gotten things figured out with the hospital we are looking at going to for it. Now it’s up to our primary care to give the ok and prescribe the anesthesia J is going to need.  I highly doubt my squirmy boy is going to hold still for it…especially since they are recommending it to have contrast done too since it’s the first one and we don’t want miss anything.  Hopefully we can get it set up soon.

Well, I’m getting ready to have a night away from my kids. I am blessed to get to go to the Women of Faith Conference in Indianapolis this weekend.  Yay for my ladies bible study going and being able to go too. 😀  I am going to do better about posting a little more frequently…life has been so so crazy trying to adjust to doing school and therapy and doctor appointments. I don’t feel like I have time to breathe half the time! lol.

Until next time friends….